This is a TELNET client that allow you to connect to a TELNET server / BBSs and interact with it. If an MSX2 or better is used, it will be able to receive and show ANSI escape codes / colors. It should be MSX1 friendly as long as your UNAPI adapter is compatible with MSX1.

  • It implements telnet negotiations, as such, echo is used as the other end requests (no need to turn on or off manually), tell terminal type (Dumb if MSX1 or xterm 16 colors otherwise), tell window size as 40x24 (MSX1) or 80x24 (MSX1 with external 80 columns adapter and screen set to 80 columns before executing this software) or 80x25 if MSX2 or better.
  • If using MSX2 or better, ANSI capabilities are automatically detected by most BBSs either by telnet negotiation of Window Size or responding to ANSI request to cursor position (some BBS's use this to detect if terminal is ANSI capable)
  • If using MSX2 or better, it will use MS-DOS character set, which allow seeing ANSI animations and menus as they are
  • It supports receiving files through XMODEM CRC, XMODEM 1K CRC, YMODEM and YMODEM-G, including file batch in YMODEM/YMODEM-G
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  • 1.11.0-1 2019-08-30
    • Version 1.11
  • 1.10.0-1 2019-08-29
    • Version 1.10
  • 1.0.0-1 2019-08-24
    • Version 1.0
  • 0.90.2-1 2019-08-13
    • Version 0.90.2
  • 0.90-1 2019-08-14
    • Version 0.90
  • 0.80-1 2019-08-09
    • Version 0.80
  • 0.7-1 2019-08-06
    • First release
Oduvaldo Pavan Junior
Carles Amigó (fr3nd)
Install instructions
hub install TELNET