Package builder

Package definition

Name of the package to be created.
Version of the software being packaged.
Release number of the package. It starts with 1 and it's increased every time a new package with the same version number is created. Every time a new version is package, the release number should be back to 1.
Short description of the package.
Name of the author or authors of the packaged software. Can be a personal name or a company name.
Name of the author of the package itself. That's you! :)
License of the packaged software.
Category of the packaged software.
Minimum system required to run the software.
List of required extensions to run the software.
Default directory where to install the packaged software in MSX-DOS format. Do not specify the drive letter as it will be automatically added by MSXHub.
Web URL where to find more information of the packaged software. In some cases, the packaged software doesn't have an official website. Just use a relevant URL in such cases.
Long description of the packaged software. Markdown format can be used to add style to the text.
Before building the package, the required files need to be downloaded. This list field define all the files required to build the package and the URLs where to get it them.
GNU Bash script to generate the package. The script needs to have all the commands to uncompress the downloaded file and place all the required files in the package/ directory.
Simple changelog of the package in Markdown format.

Check README for more info on the allowed values.

Generated YAML