NestorWeb, Web server for MSX with support for CGI scripts


NestorWeb is a web server for MSX computers, with support for CGI scripts. As simple as that.

System requirements are:

  • MSX computer running MSX-DOS 2 or Nextor.
  • TCP/IP UNAPI implementation with support for passive TCP connections.

Features and limitations

The good:

  • Static content: serves files stored in the local filesystem.
    • GET and HEAD verbs supported.
    • Sends Last-Modified header as part of the response and honors the If-Modified-Since header if present in the request (provided that the file has a valid last modification date).
    • Sends files as attachments (with a Content-Disposition: attachment header) if ?a=1 is added to the request.
    • Requests containing .. are rejected for security (so that files outside of the base directory aren't accessible)
  • Directory listings: when a directory is requested is sends a list of the contained files .
    • Disabled by default, must be enabled via command line.
    • Sent with a Cache-Control header specifying a cache duration of 1 hour.
    • If a request for a directory doesn't end with / it sends a 308 Moved Permanently response to the same location ending with /, this is necessary so that relative links to files within the directory render correctly in browsers.
  • Default document: serves the INDEX.HTM file if a directory is requested (only if directory listings are disabled).
  • Basic authentication support.
  • Runs CGI scripts following the CGI 1.1 specification. See the CGI development guide for details.

The not-so-good:

  • Serves only one client at the same time.
  • No MIME types for static content, Content-Type is never sent when serving files.
  • Absolutely no support for text encodings. I have no idea of what will happen when requesting a file with a non-ASCII name.
  • Maximum HTTP request line length supported is 256 bytes, longer request lines will be rejected.
  • Maximum header length supported is 256 bytes, longer headers will be truncated.
  • Basic authentication support... but with one single set of credentials. CGI scripts can handle authentication by themselves, though.
Build files
Build script
mkdir -p package/
unzip cgi-bin.zip
mv nweb.com package/
mv cgi-bin package/
  • 1.0-1 2020-01-21
    • First release
Nestor Soriano (Konamiman)
Carles Amigó (fr3nd)
Install instructions
hub install NWEB