YAT Yet Another Terminal. MSX TCP/IP UNAPI Terminal with YMODEM



YAT Yet Another Terminal. MSX TCP/IP UNAPI Terminal with YMODEM.

YAT is another telnet program for MSX. There are a lot of great terminal/telnet/ communication programs in MSX. RS232 like COMS6, ERIX or BaDCaT Wifi Modem and TCP/IP UNAPI like Ducasp Telnet or Konamiman's simplified terminal TCPCON.

Why a new one? Because there is no terminal for TCP/IP UNAPI supporting YMODEM upload protocol. In other words: You can't upload files to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) or other machines using Ymodem (XModem Checksum / CRC) protocol.

Why do you need a terminal/telnet with full YModem support? Why not? :)

My main goal is returning to my BBS/Fidonet activities. I mean, I would like to read / write / create echomail and netmail as I used to do 20 years ago. It sounds very sad but today with the new and great communication cartridge/boards (GR8NET, DENYUNET, OBSONET, ...) we can't upload QWK mail to any BBS.

YAT is a real raw terminal. This means it's not a fast / colorful terminal. And YAT does not support ANSI. No menus, no online-help. The aim is upload/download files to/from BBS systems.

So if you want to enjoy ANSI Art you are in the wrong place. Neither if you want to use YAT as online-terminal to interact, read or write messages.

If you want to deep into YAT please read DOC/YAT.TXT

Regarding licence

You can copy, share and use all files. Separately or the project. There is no licence here. You can earn money with my code. There is no problem because even if I tell you not to do it, you will do it.

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mkdir -p package/
cp YAT.COM package/
cp YAT.TXT package/
unix2dos package/YAT.TXT
  • 1.0.0-1 2022-02-11
  • First release
Armando Pérez
Carles Amigó (fr3nd)
 Public domain
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hub install YAT