Wash Man (MSXdev'22)


Gameplay HISTORY

The protagonist Chinese laundress must give himself by do to clean the garments of the building while people protest against broken washing machines.

Wash Man is a game that will put you to the hardest your skills of a real bar room arcade, using two elevators which will take you to different floors of the building.

You are driving a Chinese washerman who has to collect dirty clothes and then take them into the washing machines.

To enter the rooms, you should knock one of the doors of the building, pressing the cursor key up, or from your joystick in port 1.

To get on and off the floors of the building you will have to use the two elevators a To take an elevator, you should stay with the character PLAYER1 above the elevator and to open the elevator doors press the button cursor up, or always with your joystick.

Finally you will have to reach the yellow exit door with the word EXIT ROOM for return to the scenery of the building. For each t-shirt and trousers gathered at the top on the right of the scoreboard it will count all your collected garments. with M = shirt and P = gathered trousers.

You will also receive a score bonus for each indume- nto collected, for each shirt you will accumulate 200 points, instead for each collected trousers you will accumulate 100 points.

Your mission is to collect all clothing and and then in the end always go out through the EXIT ROOM door.

For this version of the WashMan game, there are a maximum of 3 apartments, one different from the other tro, if you fail to get all the clothes for each apartment and passed the 3 apartments, the doors will remain blocked, i.e. closed by the tenants of the building zo, so if you haven't taken all the clothes on first all apartments, you risk getting stuck on level of play of the building, therefore it is difficult to ste go to the next level.

The second scenario of the building, with more difficulties, it presents precipices that if you fall you will certainly die losing a life.

But don't worry! If you hit a score for each 50,000 points you will get an extra bonus life and hear a good sound effect that signals it to you.

Unfortunately, the doors do not open on the first attempt, for- because tenants are very wary when it happens that the door will be closed, the face of a mouse appears indicate that the door is closed and also indicates an effect sound.

If on occasion you get stuck during gameplay why fail to take one of the two elevators, press F1 to restore the elevators to the floor will hold, but this will cost you a lifetime.

Build files
Build script
mkdir -p package/
unzip washman.zip
mcopy -s -i MSXdev22_WashMan_v1.2.dsk :: package/
mv "MSXdev22_WashMan_v1.2_eng.txt" package/README.TXT
mv "MSXdev22_WashMan_v1.2_ita.txt" package/LEGGIMI.TXT
cat > package/WASHMAN.BAT << EOF
unix2dos package/WASHMAN.BAT
unix2dos package/README.TXT
unix2dos package/LEGGIMI.TXT
  • 1.0-1 2022-03-
  • First release
GameCast Entertainment
Carles Amigó (fr3nd)
Install instructions
hub install WASHMAN