MSX Synth turns your MSX1 and higher into a synthesizer.


MSX Synth is a test to use your MSX as a 3 oscillator monophonic synth (a very simple one!), included the option to use a MIDI keyboard to play notes (with the use of a Philips Music Module, only MIDI-In plug). Anyway, you can use MSX's keys to play. With a MIDI keyboard controller, you can use pitchwheel and MIDI CC to change some parameters.

It uses the excellent Vincent Van Dam's MIDI Framework. Many thanks from here :)

The software is still at beta stage, lots of things should be added/fixed... There are some bugs, and some stuff like Arpeggiator don't work yet.

Requirements are MSX with 64kb RAM, so it can run MSX-DOS. Philips Music Module for MIDI input is optional. By now it supports PSG and the Playsoniq's SID. PSG version has a bit of SCC support, but quite basic, mostly as a test.

Build files
Build script
mkdir -p package/
unrar x msxsynth-beta.rar
mv MSXfiles/* package/
  • 0.2-1 2019-06-16
    • First release
Paxanga Soft
Carles Amigó (fr3nd)
Install instructions
hub install MSXSYNTH