IRC client for MSX 2 or superior computers with MSXDOS.

MSXIRC v1.1 by DucaSP

This version has been modified and updated. Also, now it is compiled using SJASM

Original code by Ptero, based on Konamiman's TCPcon. This code can be found in original_code folder. Originally assembled with AS80.

Special thanks to Ptero for making the code and for allowing us to share it.

User manual (extracted from MSXIRC.HLP)

Use navigations buttons [UP] [DOWN] to scroll this help screen

Work anywhere:

  • [ESC] - Invoke Main Menu / Last Window Opened
  • [F1] - Show this help screen

In Main Menu:

  • [S] - Invoke Server Console Window
  • [Q] - Return to MSX-DOS
  • [UP][DOWN] - Navigate the Window list (if any)
  • [ENTER] - Enter the Window selected

In Server Console Window:

  • [F2] - Connect to server
  • [F3] - Disconect
  • [&] - Send again NICK , PASS and USER messages and SERVERPASS if configured
  • Join IRC channel: /JOIN #channel
  • Private MSG: /QUERY username

Work on any Window you input text (Channel, Query, Server)

  • [SHIFT]+[UP], [SHIFT+DOWN] to scroll pages
  • [CTRL]+[UP], [CTRL+DOWN] to go up/down a single line (in this case line is not related to a screen line, but a line of text from server or keyboard input)
  • [CLS] - Go to the last line of text in the screen
  • [INS] - Alternate insertion mode
  • [CTRL]+[LEFT], [CTRL]+[RIGHT] - Switch Windows
  • [LEFT][RIGHT] - Navigate the text type highlighting the selected character
  • [DEL] - Delete character selected
  • [BS] - Delete character to the left of selected char
  • [CTRL] + [Q] - Close the current Window (except Server Console Window)

In Channel Window

  • [F2] - Allow you to navigate the nick list, enter will copy the name in the text input line
  • [SELECT] - Same as F2
  • Private Message - /QUERY username OR, type /QUERY and space, then hit F2 or SELECT, choose the nick and hit enter (once to copy the nick and twice to open the query/private message window)

Configuration file

This client will connect only to a single server. You can open up to 80 Windows (channel, server console, private message), as long as your MSX has enough free segments in the memory mapper. For each window a 16KB memory segment is allocated. So, the maximum number of Windows opened is limited by how many free 16KB segments your computer has (i.e.: MSX-DOS2 uses one, UNAPI Memory Mapper driver another, a 128KB machine has 4 segments for main ram, 1 segment for MSX-DOS2 and 1 segment to the UNAPI driver, leaving 2 free segments).

To change server and color settings, edit MSXIRC.INI, or, create different .INI files for each server you want to use. When executing MSXIRC, if no parameter is given, it will try to use MSXIRC.INI file to load configurations, but you can use any .INI file you want, i.e.: FREENODE.INI as a file to connect to FREENODE, so you execute MSXIRC as follow: MSXIRC FREENODE.INI

The following items are read from the .INI file:

  • server - the server name / address to connect to
  • port - the port for the server connection
  • srvpass - password for the server
  • nick - your desired nickname
  • altnick - alternative nickname
  • user - the user information reported to the server
  • font - which alternative font file to use
  • ink_c - color for regular text (0-15)
  • paper_c - color for regular background (0-15)
  • aink_c - color for text selected / on cursor(0-15)
  • apaper_c - color for cursor or lower bar highlight (0-15)
  • timestamp - Enable time-stamp on text windows as follow:
    • 0 - Disabled
    • 1 - HH:MM
    • 2 - HH:MM:SS
    • 3 - MM.YY HH:MM
    • 4 - MM.YY HH:MM:SS
    • 5 - DD.MM.YY HH:MM
    • 6 - DD.MM.YY HH:MM:SS
Individual files
Default install directory
Build files
Build script
mkdir -p package/
unzip -d package
  • 1.1 2020-12-06
    • First release on MSXHUB
Ptero and Oduvaldo Pavan Junior
Install instructions
hub install MSXIRC