Nestor internet applications


MSXINET are a collections of tools to work with the internet.

The tools:

  • PING.COM: Simple PING client 1.1. Sends one ping request automatically, then sends additional requests when ENTER is pressed.
  • TFTP.COM: TFTP client/server 1.1. TFTP is a simple and straighforward way to transfer single files between two computers.
  • TCPCON.COM: TCP console 1.1. It is a simplified Telnet client, it just sends data from the keyboard to the network and from the network to the screen, ignoring the Telnet control codes.
  • FTP.COM: FTP client 1.0. Command-line based FTP client, requires MSX-DOS 2 to work. The multiple file management commands (MGET, MPUT and MDELETE) require NestorMan to work.
  • SNTP.COM: SNTP client 1.2. Allows you to configure the clock of your MSX by querying the current date and time to a time server.
  • TWEETER.COM: MSX trivial tweeter 1.0. Allows you to send messages to Twitter from your MSX.
  • HGET.COM: HTTP file downloader 1.3. A (very) simplified version of the popular tool WGET, it allows you to download files and resources by using the HTTP protocol.
  • GETURL.COM: URL extractor 1.0. This is not strictly a network application, but it may be useful when used together with HGET. It searches inside a text file for a line with the format [urlname] url, then it sends the URL to the console.
  • MSXTDB.LZH: MSX trivial dropbox 1.1. Dropbox is an online file storage service which offers both free and paid plans.
  • OBSOSMB.COM: ObsoSMB 1.0. ObsoSMB allows you to expose your MSX disk drives as shared folders to machines running Microsoft Windows.
  • OBSOFTP.COM: ObsoFTP 1.0. ObsoFTP will turn your MSX into a FTP server, allowing you to easily transfer files between your MSX and other computers.
Build files
Build script
mkdir -p package/
mcopy -s -i msxinet.dsk :: package/
rm package/AUTOEXEC.BAT
rm package/REBOOT.BAT
rm package/MSXDOS2.SYS
rm package/COMMAND2.COM
  • 1.0-1 2022-03-08
    • First release
Nestor Soriano (Konamiman)
Willem Cazander
Install instructions
hub install MSXINET