Compass MSX compiler IDE


Why another MSX-Assembler ? In the dark past many different assemblers were produced for the MSX-system in addition to the already available CP/M assemblers. Along with the advantages of these products, there were also a lot of disadvantages. Some of them had an integrated environment but weren't able of handling large sources, others were very powerful but needed a separated editor causing a waste of time when testing and debugging. Most of these programs didn't take advantage of the new developments in the MSX-scene. Just to name a few of them: Turbo R (the R800 instruction set), MemMan, DOS 2.xx (subdirectories). There just wasn't an assembler which combined enough advantages to satisfy almost everyone.

Compass is our attempt to create an easy-to-use, menu driven and extensive package specifically designed for the MSX-system. The name "Compass" is an contraption of the words "COMPjoetania ASSembler". We would like to thank everybody who, one way or another, has contributed to the development of Compass.

We hope you enjoy Compass.

September 1998, Compjoetania The Next Generation

  • Original concept and program by Compjoetania (1995):

    • Remo Jongeneelen
    • David Heremans
    • Eric van Beurden
  • Compass #1.2 by Compjoetania The Next Generation (1997...)

    • Jon De Schrijder: coding
    • David Heremans : manual, disklabels
    • Wouter Vermaelen: bughunter, did a great job
Build files
Build script
mkdir -p package/
mcopy -s -i Compass_FinallyFreeEdition.dsk :: package/
  • 2021-06-11 3.4-1
    • First release
Compjoetania The Next Generation
Carles Amigó (fr3nd)
Install instructions
hub install COMPASS