Shadow Of The Pig (MSXdev'22)


Farty Pig is back! And this time he'll have to, uh, jump a lot! Our hero was so happy to spend a day at the beach not knowing that the holiday would turn into a real nightmare...

On the beach, in fact, our cute little pig has recklessly cast his rounded shadow on a witch (also on vacation) ruining her tan!

In revenge, the witch stole his shadow and replaced it with that of a beast. If our friend fails to have the witch return the shadow he will die!

Obviously the witch is very angry and ran away to the nearby desert astride her broom.

It is up to us guide Farty in his pursuit. It won't be a walk, because in the path chosen by the witch the desert is full of cacti. As if that weren'tenough, the witch periodically releases her lethal bats that will give our poor pig a hard time...

The game levels differ from each other in one or more ways. Depending on the levels we will have on the screen from zero to two enemies. Each enemy can have its own specific speed so in some levels we may have two fast enemies or one slow and one fast or both slow or even both fast.

The scrolling speed (and therefore the cacti speed) can also vary. We have three speeds: normal (1 pixel/frame), double (2 pixels/frame) and quadruple (4pixels/frame). The first level with speed change is free of enemies. The higher the scrolling speed, the greater the minimum distance between one cactus and the next one.

All the elements to be avoided (cacti and their size, flight altitudes of the bats) are randomly generated so I am not responsible for the anger that your MSX may cause you LoL

To avoid obstacles you can make use of the Force, which flows powerfully within you. Did I say the Force? Um, I meant intestinal gas. Wich flows powerfully within you. Farty, in fact, is able to rise from the ground thanks to the strength of his farts. Releasing the fire button before reaching the maximum jump height will bring in the force of gravity allowing you to make lower jumps. Farty can also be controlled in "flight" so you can "adjust" the jumps.

In addition to the normal farts Farty has three eXtraFarts available for each level that will allow him to perform a double (or multiple) jump simply by pressing the fire button again at the apex of the current jump.

The eXtraFarts not used during the level will stack up with the ones ofthe next level (up to a maximum of 9 eXtraFarts) as well as being counted for an additional bonus points at the end of the level. We will gain an extra life every 10000 points (up to 9 lives).

The game can be paused by pressing the “P” key (fire to continue). Controls are chosen when starting to play. Pressing the space bar, cursor keys are selected. Otherwise, pressing fire button on joystick (in any port) will set your choice.

On the screen we have all the information we need: at the top are shown score and hiscore, at the bottom instead the remaining distance to travel, the available lives and the amount of eXtraFarts.

Now it's your turn, do your best to reach the witch. Step on the gas!!!

Individual files
Default install directory
Build files
Build script
mkdir -p package/
mv "MSXdev22_ShadowOfThePig_v1.3.rom" package/SHAPIG.ROM
pdftotext "MSXdev22_ShadowOfThePig_v1.3_eng.pdf"
mv "MSXdev22_ShadowOfThePig_v1.3_eng.txt" package/README.TXT
cat > package/SHAPIG.BAT << EOF
REM Look for SROM.COM in default dir
  REM Try to run it from path
    echo "SROM.COM not found. Install it with: 'HUB install SOFAROM'"
    exit 1
unix2dos package/SHAPIG.BAT
unix2dos package/README.TXT
  • 1.0-1 2022-10-03
    • First release
Carles Amigó (fr3nd)
Install instructions
hub install SHAPIG